Race Pacers


Vipul Patel shall be pacing for 1.50 hrs bus in 21 kms Category.

An IT software engineer by profession and a runner and cyclist by passion. Vipul ran his first 10k in September 2015 and since then there is no looking back.

He has done a total of 15 half marathons and 4 full marathons, almost all of them in and around Mumbai. He has also completed one FM done at Hyderabad and one HM at Pune. He ran his first ultra run of 50k at lonavala on 24th Feb 2019 organized by Tata ultra run.

He has also done a significant number of 5kms n 10kms marathons n numerous training runs. He believes in inspiring people by his actions rather than words.

'I don't run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days'..


Tushar Kaviskar shall be pacing for 2.00 hrs bus in 21 kms.
Marine Engineer by profession, Tushar started running in 2017 just for a fun but took it seriously in 2018.

Till date he has completed,

  • Many 5k runs with PB 20min.
  • 5 - 10k runs with PB 49 min. 45 sec.
  • 8 - 21k runs with PB 1 hr.48 min. 29 sec.

  • Now preparing for 21k Sub 1 hr. 30 min. Did pacing in first edition of ET Marathon for 2 hrs. 10 min. Bus.

    Race Pacer

    Mayuresh Mokal shall be pacing for 2.00 hrs bus in 21 kms.

    Mayuresh, Chemical Engineer by profession working as Sales and Marketing for an Engineering Consultancy, born as Healthy Baby so no question of running. Even in school sports he used to come last and kept on putting weight till he reached 107.5kgs in 2017. He kept on telling himself that he's doing something wrong with his body.

    He started doing kick-boxing and cross functional training under Vijay Alva at Vijay Alva Fitness Academy which helped in strengthening his core muscles and but still something was missing.

    He fell in love with running the day when he was cheering for his cousin at TMM. He decided to run his first ever 10k when he was 102kgs still managed to complete in 1.07hrs. Now his goal was to finish strong. Started working out on alternate days and running the other days..

    Registered his first ever 21k when he was 90kgs with Satara Ultra Hill Marathon 18 coz he wanted to start with the toughest and he finished it in 2.21hrs. Then he got addicted to running and did Navy Marathon 18 in 2.05hrs, TMM 19 in 1.58 hrs and Parinee Juhu Marathon in 1.54hrs

    Today he has transformed from 107.5kgs to 78.5kgs in just a spannover 1.5 yrs. only because of his Kickboxing Training and his love for running and No No No crash dieting.

    He's a great foodie (even his instagram handle says so @havratmayu and believes that one should not starve from eating what one likes but you should be able burn them as well. He always says If I can do it even you can do it.


    Vijay Gosavi shall be pacing for 2.10 hr bus in 21kms.

    Vijay resident of Dombivali, works with Landmark Group as Information Technology Manager. He started running 3 yrs back to maintain fit and healthy lifestyle. Once he went to see Mumbai Marathon and from there got the thought to start running.

    He has conquered 2 Satara Hill Half Marathon, 5 Mumbai Half Marathon, 2 Goa River Half Marathon and many other events. Completed 100 Days of Running challenge with 555km total running distance, Winter challenge 553km distance completed in 90 days.

    He has completed 32 X 10Km run, 11 Half Marathon, 2 X 26 Kms run and 1 X 40 Kms run. He has successful completed pacing of 2:00hr bus in 1st edition of ET Marathon 2019.

    His PB in 5K – 23:23 min, PB in 10K - 46:23 min and PB in 21.097K – 01:51:59 hours.

    He got 1st Podium in Swift Vertical Marathon 2018, by climbing 20 floors in 04:16 min. He is part of KDR ( Kalyan Dombivali Runners).

    Trained with #TrainingTogether #TrainingTogether #KDRRocks #BeLimitless #BeBetter


    Hajji shall be pacing for 2.15 hr bus in 21 kms.

    Hajji Devnikar, running since 2017, so far completed 3500 Kms of run, which includes 30+ HM, 4 FM & many long runs.

    His PB for HM is 1hr 43Min.

    He is finisher for Pune ultra_ 50 Km Nov 2017 and finisher for Kolhapur Triathlon -7 hrs 30mins.


    Dr Madhura shall be pacing for 2.20 hr bus in 21 kms.

    Passionate fitness lover and runner Madhura is M. D. Ayurvedic Gynaecologist (gold medalist). She has done Diploma in Yoga and philosophy (Mumbai university topper) Yoga teacher Diploma.

    GMM BNP 25 kms endurathon 2015 won podium.. 3 position She has participated Bangalore ultra marathon for 75 k and won the podium. Participated many prestigious runs under guidance of coach K. Haridasan Nair. She won first place in Saptashringi hill run Nasik recently in Oct 2018 recently

    She was a pacer for Thane Hiranandani 10 k marathon in 2018 Pacer for Juhu half marathon Feb 2019

    Did her personal best in 2.07 for half marathon in VVMM 2019 ET marathon 19 ...... 10 k in 59 mts... Fourth place Run for Fun is her motto.

    Runners wish to enjoy the run can join this simple 2.20 fun bus.


    Yogesh Bansal shall be pacing for 2.30 hr bus in 21 kms .

    Yogesh works with a telecom industry for past 17 years.

    He started running long distances since 2014. He is associated with running groups in Pune and Mumbai.

    Since 2014.. he has run several full and half marathons.Majorly being Mumbai Marathon, Goa River Marathon, Jaipur Ambuja Run, Pune International Marathon, Hiranandani Thane Half Marathon to name a few.

    Other than running, he is also a staunch supporter of badminton.


    Prerna shall be pacing for 2.30 hr bus in 21 kms

    Prerna Dubey is an IT Professional and Fitness Enthusiast.

    She started her fitness journey with aim of reducing weight and now running and exercising has become her passion. She is very passionate and disciplined about running and her workouts.

    She participated in her first marathon run in Dec 2017 and come a long journey since then. She has been podium finisher in few marathons.

    She believes in hard-work and knows that being passionate about your dreams can make you achieve yours goals easily.

    Her personal best has been 5:29 hrs in 42K, 1:55 hrs in 21K and 0:58 hrs in 10K.


    Vrishali shall be pacing for 2.45 hr bus in 21 kms.

    Zumba instructor n Fitness Trainer by profession n Runner by passion. Residing in Vasai with Father, Husband n two kids.

    She has worked for 15yrs in Corporate (Financial sector); but 4 yrs back had cardiac issue so doctor suggested for Cardio then thought why not get train for training others.. n now from last 3 yrs she is training women's for fitness also working on women empowerment.

    Never ever thought she will be running on road n becoming Marathon runner.... in school days she was zero sports personality she was feeling that she is not made for sports n just was focusing on Acting n Dancing.

    But just for husband's sake, ran 4km Fun run at Vasai Virar mayor marathon in Dec-2017 and them her running journey started. She became Pinkathon Ambassador for Vasai n by motivating others, she got motivated to run more n more distance...till date she has run..

    • 6 half MARATHON
    • TTM full MARATHON
    • 6hrs Pinkathon
    • Stadium Run
    • And many 10km MARATHONs.

    She strongly believes that fitness is not only for her, it is for everyone.


    shall be pacing for 2.45 hrs bus in 21 kms.

    Sameer Chavan, professionely working in Kotak Life Insurance is resident of Virar.

    He started running 3 years back and so far had ran 90  plus running events including many 10 km , 8 Half marathons, 2 endurathon and duathlon! He recently completed his first full Marathon 42 km at Tata mumbai marathon! He normally loves running barefoot!

    He says running has helped him a lot to become more fit & healthy and had overcome his problem of underweight. He states through running he has met some amazing people. His social circle has become bigger & better now. For him running is the best stress buster & keeps him active & energetic throughout the day. 

    Apart from running, he works with NGO Vision Humanism -Touching Human lives where they organised blood donation camps, tree plantation drive, free basic computer  knoweldge to Zilla Parishad School students, he is fitness ambassador of VH!

    So far he had paced 10 km at many events such as Conserve water run, Tirumula mulund run, Pennat Kalyan dombivali run , tarblazer  , ICT run, Ironfit, Skillathon and many more. He loved pacing his runbuddies and co-runners and so far many of them achieved their Personal best and target times.


    Amoal Ghart shall be pacing for 50 mins bus in 10kms.

    Amoal is a Sales n Marketing professional since 14 yrs and currently working at Johnson & Johnson Pvt Ltd.

    His running journey started in 2017 to get out from sedentary lifestyle and to stay Fit. But then developed a passion for Running and now it’s a lifestyle.

    He is active member of Kalyan Dombivli Runners (KDR) and Mumbai Road Runners (MRR)

    Still an amateur runner, new to running and learning day by day more about it. In a span of 2 years I have participated in more than 30 events which includes 10k, HM, FM & Midnight 6Hr Run.

    His Personal Best, 5K—21:52 Mins, 10K-- 44:25 Mins, HM- 2:00:25 Hrs and FM-- 4:58:57 Hrs

    He has participated in 100 days Running Challenge April 2018 & continued it for nonstop 268 days daily running, covering 2100+ kms; I ended my daily running streak on 20thJan.19 with completion of Debut FM at Tata Mumbai Marathon.

    He has completed two 10k events, pacing 55 mins bus successfully. DPR 2019 & PKDMarathon 2019

    His running funda:
    I feel running is simplest and very effective form of fitness activity, it’s a natural movement, but using proper running form will help us become more efficient, conserve energy and achieve injury free fitness.



    Harpreet Singh Sethi shall be pacing for 60Min bus in 10 km

    His age is 48 years working as Aircraft maintenance engineer in Air-India. He is running for past 4 years with Palm beach group Nerul.

    Started running to have a healthy lifestyle and shed some weights. He was 92 kg that time so he started walking regularly from 10 minutes to several hours till the time he started running and grudually increasing the mileage.

    He has so far run many 10 km, 21 km and 6 full marathons,two 12 hours ultra run covering 74 and 66 km respectively. His personal best for 10 km is 55 minutes.

    He a jolly, very easy going, helping in nature and like to promote running as sport. He tries to motivate people as far as possible to pursue them to do physical exercise and activities for their better health. His running partner is his wife Gurvindervir Kaur. another ardent runner she also completed full marathon in 2019 TMM.

    His next target is to achieve 1000 km in 100 days running HDOR.


    Kiran Chauhan shall be pacing for 60 min bus in 10 kms

    Kiran is Manager Supply Chain of Ceat Ltd.

    His Journey of marathon started from Feb 2018 till now I was Run more than 29+ runs including Half Marathons & Ultra Challenge and numerous 10k Runs.

    My motto is – “HUM FIT TO SAB FIT”.

    The Personal Best (PB) so far
    10 K PB – 62:26 in Navy Marathon 2018
    21KM PB – 02:20:39 in ADANI Marathon 2018
    10 KM – 58.00 min Tridhaatu Navi Mumbai Half Marathon 2019

    Ultra-Challenge • Chambal Challenge on 6th Jan at Kota 33KM – 4.24 HRS
    • TATA Ultra Challenge 24th Feb at Lonaval 35 KM – 4.51 HRS

    • Thane 10 K – 14th Oct – 80 MIN BUS
    • Bandra Fort 10 K – 21st Oct – 80 MIN BUS
    • Radcliffe School 5K – 2nt DEC -35 Min BUS
    • Bandra Colosseum Duathlon 10 K – 16th DEC 80 MIN BUS
    • Mumbai InTenCity 10k at Bandra Fort -80 MIN PACER BUS
    • Bandra Half Marathon – 10 K – 3rd FEB – 70 MIN BUS


    Radcliff School Run 5k / Cycling / Skating event – 650+ people participated in same. Brand Ambassador of this event was Arjuna Awardee Mrs LALITA BABAR the current Indian national record holder and the reigning Asian Champion in the same event.

    Received Three Times Token of Appreciation for Motivation of New Runners in Marathon.

    Actively managed following Runs/ Marathons

    • CITY ROAD RUNNER BARODA 23rd Sep – Personally Motivated and added 55 Runner
    • THANE 10 K RUN MUMBAI – 14th Oct – Personally motivated and added 85 Runner
    •Radcliffe School 2nd DEC – personally motivated and added 140 Runner

    Managing the following Runner Groups

    1. Road Runner (Having approx.. 450 + followers)
    2. Mid Night Road Runner (Having 165 follower)

    Training under state level track and field coach Mr. Ajit Kulkarni.


    Sheetal Bambulkar shall be pacing for 70 min / 10 kms.

    Sheetal Bambulkar, a finance professional. She is an Endurance cyclist, a Runner and a budding Triathlete. She is the first International Super Randonneur from India and has her name in Limca Book of records for first Indian women pair to ride 200kms on a Tandem bicycle. Winner of 2018 Aurangabad Olympic distance Triathlon. She believes in the statement "Nothing is Impossible" as Impossible itself reads "I'm posssible".


    Shraddha Ranaware shall be pacing for 75 mins / 10 kms.

    Shraddha Rananaware working as Analyst in Nair Hospital of BMC Mumbai.

    During her son's schooling she was very busy with him as well as household and office work. Just like a common person she was doing my irregular exercise and sometimes running on treadmill only for fitness. As his son passed out his 10th std. she relaxed a little bit and turned towards her hobby of running. After developing taste in running and feeling she can be a runner she started participating in marathons in Dec 2015.

    Her significant achievements are one Silver and one Bronze medal at Malaysian athletic championship and 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 4 Bronze at National Athletic championship.

    She was 21k pacer for Decathlon Thane Half Marathon and ambassador for Pinkathon, Mahabaleshwar Endurathon, Ruggedian Kolhapur run and also for upcoming Tarkarli coastal marathon.

    Various events she have participated are BNP ultra 50 km , Mahabaleshwar Endurathon 50 km, Ruggedian Kolhapur run 50 km, Mumbai ultra, Mumbai 12 hrs stadium run, Mumbai to Pune 160 km. She also did 3 full marathons, 18 half marathons including toughest Ladakh marathon, Gwalior to Delhi 375 km relay run, Five 10 km marathons in which I was winner and first runner up in two marathons.

    She is very much happy as she had started her journey as a treadmill runner and became Ultra marathoner today.


    Devayani Kadam shall be pacing for 80 mins bus in 10 kms

    Devyani P. Kadam, is an Advocate by profession.

    Associated with “Mira Bhayandar Runners (MBR)” & SWATT Runners Group.

    Her journey started with 5K non timed category for Mira Bhayandar 10K Run on 23rd July 2017 with Mira Bhayandar Runners (MBR). After that she participated in multiple other marathons like BSE BULL RUN, IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon, NTT Bhumi India Run, Navy Run, Vasai Virar Mayor's Marathon etc.

    Her PB for 10 k is 60 minutes 5 Seconds & 21 k 2 Hours 17 minutes..

    She took part in "100 Days Of Running Challenge 2018" by clocking "517.4 Kms in 100 days". Also participating in Indian Marathon Monthly Challenges & many Virtual Run Challenges

    Successfully 10 K Timed Pacing At :
    Ironfit, Skill-A-Thon, Run Dombivli Run, MatheRun, Mumbai 10K Intencity, JCI Chikli City Half Marathon, Vapi Marathon, Mumbai Half Marathon, 4kop Marathon, 3rd Mira Bhayander Chartered Run, Thane Half Marathon, The Heart And Sole Run , ICT Matunga Run and Gold's Gym Fitness Run with Timing from 65 Min to 85 Min.

    Successfully 5 K Non Timed Pacing At :
    Women's Day Run, Pinkathon Day Run and Mira Bhayander Run.

    Podium in below Marathon :
    3rd Mira Bhayander 10 J Run 2017 - 3 rd Place in my age category
    4 Times Podium Finisher in Women Category in Skechers Performance Run at Mahalaxmi, Aarey Milk Colony and Borivli National Park twice..
    Women 10 K Run at Juhu - 2nd position overall Winner


    Manita Churi shall be pacing for 90 mins bus in 10.00 kms

    She started running in the year 2016 April under guidance of Mahaguru Hari Sir .

    She is a central Govt employee at class 2 level. Done her PG from Mumbai university in Organic Chemistry.

    She has participated in 12 HM, 7 x 10km And 3 midnight runs of 6hrs by Runtastic Dil se group under guidance of Hari Sir.

    Her PB for 10km is 66 min and for 21km is 2.33 min.

    When she started her running career, she completed her first 10km in 83min. She was then thinking seeing all pacers and runners passing by that maybe someday she will catch them all.

    Her motto for running is “I run to add life to my age and I want to age with running.”

    ET Marathon - 10th March 2019 ET Monsoon Marathon - 23rd June 2019

    ET Marathon - Timing Results / Certificates