Event Couple

Event Couple

Dr. Arati & Dr Pravin Gaikwad, paediatricians by profession with special interest in teenager’s issues, are practicing in Navi Mumbai for more than 30 years.

They are passionate fitness enthusiasts and have been on podiums in most of the major 10k , half marathons , marathons, ultramarathons, short distance, open water swimming competitions and triathlons in India and abroad.

They are the first Indian couple in senior category to have completed both Comrades and half iron distance triathlon

They have been felicitated by Dainik Lokmat, the maximum selling Marathi newspaper, for ‘ Arogya janajagruti’. Dr. Pravin Gaikwad has been felicitated by the Rotary club of Navi Mumbai, Seaside for minimum medication and maximum health education, promoting health, fitness beyond medical intervention and leading by example.

They are actively into 'Anti-aging medical science ‘ and are cofounders of 'Life-Pacers', a fitness venture with the motto of 'stay fit stay young'.

They believe in 'family approach' towards fitness and are happy to be the event couple of ETM’s Monsoon Half Marathon as ET endorses their ideology.

Event Couple

Rahul and Radha Agrawal are passionate fitness enthusiasts.

Radha is a nutritionist by profession while Rahul is into Logistics Industry. They both are into running and cycling and have participated in umpteen events in last 10 years.

They share the same vision of spreading awareness about fitness and motivate others to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The best project you will ever work on is "you".

Event Couple

"The Couple who trains together, Grows Stronger together".

Chetan Pujary, 46 runs for his passion while Prajna Pujary, 43 cherishes running. Running as a couple is exhilarating! Training together, Encouraging each other and savoring the feeling of crossing the Finish line has made their bond much stronger.

Prajna, has been a textile designer by profession and a former pre-primary teacher, she is now a runner and a homemaker. Prajna is adventurous and loves to trek. The lure of exploring new places with her husband prompted her to run in 2015. Without realizing, the runs to explore places soon became an opportunity to discover herself. From her first 5kms, 10 kms in 2015, she graduated to a half marathon distance in 2016, to ultra running in 2017, to Intercity Run in 2017 and then to complete the TMM Full Marathon now in 2019. For Prajna, running gives her my-space, working as meditation. Fitness and physical activity are now integral parts of her life. She believes in women empowerment and wants women to know that fitness bringing out the best of you, physically and mentally.

Chetan is a Deputy Manager in Finance Department in a Manufacturing company. He is a sports person since school days and played hockey. He is a passionate runner and enjoys trekking. Inspired by his office colleagues he did his first Half Marathon SCMM 2011. Thereafter there was no looking back and running became part of his life towards a healthy lifestyle. Running is the one activity that’s physically exhausting but mentally and emotionally recharging. Every run presents a new challenge, a new opportunity to push ourself, and a new time to reflect on everything else going on.

Event Couple

When you run alone, you run Fast; BUT when you run together, you run FAR. Running in company of your loved ones works as a stress buster and leaves memories to cherish.

Himanshu, working in Banking & Financial Industry, took-up running for fitness in 2016 and persued Vandana to run. Vandana, a former telecom engineer by profession and currently a homemaker was apprehensive earlier, but immediately connected to the joys of running once she started it regularly and is now passionate about it!

Himanshu and Vandana enjoy running and exploring new destinations together! You step ahead together, fitter and closer as a couple.

Believe them, Join Them! Come one, come all. ET encourages couples to run together.

ET Marathon - 10th March 2019 ET Monsoon Marathon - 23rd June 2019

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